FM demodulation (SDR using dsPIC)



tan の逆関数は安直にテーブル参照にした.math ライブラリのatanやatan2関数は処理が重くて使えなかった.

もう少しテストが必要かもしれないが,とりあえず SSB(USB/LSB),CW,AM,FM モードの受信が可能になった.

FM demodulation (SDR using dsPIC)」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Antonio 2020年7月8日 / 7:18 午前

    Dear Uebo, it is a great design, but I couldn’t find any Software of this project. There is the receiver schematic but any source code. Is there a reason or I failed in finding it (just found the coefficient computing)? I already made your SSB TX modulator and your VFO, and they work great, I am courious to test your receiver project and learn from it. Thank you


  2. uebo 2020年7月9日 / 3:00 午後

    I am confirming the operation and the function of the receiver.
    For now I don’t think it has satiable performance for AM and FM.
    The AGC function is also in trial and error.
    That is why I have not released the firmware.
    For the time being, I will release the firmware for SSB in a couple of days.


  3. Antonio 2020年7月9日 / 6:15 午後

    Many Thanks Uebo, take your time, your works are very instructive and useful, I’ll wait.
    Have a great day.
    Antonio (Rome, Italy)


  4. uebo 2020年7月10日 / 7:05 午後

    I have released the source code of SSB receiver.
    The link is described in the latest blog article.



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